Premises Liability Law

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If you or a loved one have had a personal injury on another person's property as a result of unsafe or hazardous conditions or malicious acts caused by the property owner, you may be eligible for compensatory and punitive damages. However, since premises liability is a complex and dynamic area of tort law, only professionals in the legal industry, such as the lawyers at Barbare Law Firm, can determine whether sufficient grounds for such a suit exist.

For premises liability law to apply, the property must be owned by the defendant and there must be verifiable negligence or malfeasance on the part of the property owner. This could be something as ordinary as wet floors, uncleared snow, or uneven pavement - or as extraordinary as an assault committed on the property in question by a third party.

As can be seen, only a lawyer with an intimate familiarity with the case law involved in such matters should be trusted with handling your case.

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